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  Sebastian Robinson 49c1b9df0b Fix torrent version layout issue during prompt_for_update 2 weeks ago
  djib f6d46bb6cf Update documentation to specify supported torrents 4 months ago
  djib 769a9ccc00 Fix bug in remote torrents matching 6 months ago
  djib 0b282348d7 Update documentation 7 months ago
  djib 0ba60e741c Refactor code to improve readability 7 months ago
  djib d0e0aa9888 Fix error with updates no longer being detected 7 months ago
  djib e46b9c06e8 Initial work on multible torrent formats (untested) 7 months ago
  djib bb3e8b69b1 Adapt comment to reflect new behaviour 8 months ago
  djib 4db6bf6a6c Allow updating sets that have no torrent 8 months ago
  djib 516a87469d Merge pull request 'master' (#5) from sebastian404/PDMameUpdate:master into master 11 months ago
  Sebastian Robinson 365825bb23 Increased debug output 11 months ago
  Sebastian Robinson 41ae522026 Fix for downloaded torrents 11 months ago
  djib 11a5809f6a Improve error handling with config file 11 months ago
  djib 89eb4bf97b Update login page to login3.php 11 months ago
  djib ccfe48ff38 Merge branch 'master' of sebastian404/PDMameUpdate into master 1 year ago
  Sebastian Robinson f631396809 Change config file name 1 year ago
  Sebastian Robinson e1c7c9dde5 search for config file 1 year ago
  Sebastian Robinson 994747c0b4 Add --keep argument to download torrent files to local directory 1 year ago
  djib e37da0d7fc Detail how to use pipenv 1 year ago
  djib 8a76b28b4d Update Pipfile 1 year ago
  djib cd1cd18419 Refactor to PEP8 standard 1 year ago
  djib 01d303fb8a Merge branch 'master' of sebastian404/PDMameUpdate into master 1 year ago
  Sebastian Robinson db55933f64 improve output of torrents to update 1 year ago
  djib 0fc027c599 Update Readme 1 year ago
  djib 77d78af3a6 Add screenshot 1 year ago
  djib 3c479ac5d4 Improve handling of different URL formats in the RSS feed 1 year ago
  djib 987fe5bf87 Handle multiple versions in RSS feed 1 year ago
  djib 8828673708 Add Pipenv 1 year ago
  djib 8e56847339 Merge branch 'master' of sebastian404/PDMameUpdate into master 1 year ago
  Sebastian Robinson 0111310674 Only newest version of torrents with multiple versions are added 1 year ago
  djib e60bccb429 Add command line arguments 1 year ago
  djib 8eda620078 Check that remote link is correct 1 year ago
  djib 769d4b116c Format code to PEP8 standards 1 year ago
  djib 7b5196fb11 Code refactoring 2 years ago
  djib aa4b653217 Merge branch 'master' of sebastian404/PDMameUpdate into master 2 years ago
  Sebastian Robinson 5dc63ab1e9 Ensure torrent is downloaded to specified direcotry, rather than Transmission default 2 years ago
  Sebastian Robinson 8cffdc0f67 specify required Python libraries 2 years ago
  Sebastian Robinson 8a3d58e745 Backwards Compatability for pre Python 3.6 2 years ago
  djib 30f34e9353 Add clean disconnect and count down timer 2 years ago
  djib 65af503a4f Fix typos 2 years ago
  djib 307e400577 First fully functional commit 2 years ago
  djib bc9a13e75e Connect to Transmission and list Torrents 2 years ago
  djib 0bd20e4d63 List possible updates and prompt if the user wants to update 2 years ago
  djib b00bcb9834 Initial commit. 2 years ago
  djib fcaef09ac5 Initial commit 2 years ago