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Day's over

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Hétier

Scotland Building Detail Landscape Night-time Seaside

Day's over


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  • The back-light castle and the sky look great.
    The castle might be a bit too much in the centre of the frame.
    As long as I'm nitpicking, the light underneath the bridge creates a disturbing bright spot that might draw the attention of the viewer.
    There seems to be more noise in the lighter part of the image than in the darker one... strange, isn't it ?
    Is it me or are the clouds over the castle looking like an omega sign ?
    Scotland is indeed a magical place :)

    ithryn @ 2011-07-11 21:03:24
  • lol, I didn't see the omega sign, but now it's all I can see.
    Thanks for the awesome feedback. I was silly to shoot that in 800 ISO: I didn't double check before releasing the shutter.

    djib @ 2011-07-12 08:24:33
  • I liked it.
    I think you did a great job.

    Remus @ 2011-07-12 21:04:30
  • Thanks.

    djib @ 2011-07-12 22:25:13

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0 mm (0 mm)
1/100 sec – f/0
ISO 800
Flash: Not Fired

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