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Evening walk

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Hétier

Scotland Building Detail Night-time People

Evening walk


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  • I really like the mood in this one.
    I can't really put my finger on it, but I think the composition could have been even better, framing more to the right, and maybe a bit higher too.
    The castle on the left takes maybe too much of the frame, as a big dark shape.
    On the other hand, I don't see too much noise, although you shot at ISO 800, which doesn't usually gives this kind of results with your camera.
    Did you improve your noise reduction in post-processing ?

    ithryn @ 2011-07-11 20:54:57
  • Thanks for your feedback. I agree on the composition: it should have been more to the right to get rid of some of the castle and give space for that guy on the right to walk to. The shot is quite blurry but I tend to blame my old 55-200 lens (it's really quite bad on shallow apertures).
    I did do some noise processing in Rawtherapee (that is getting better in that field with every minor version). I had a lot of noise because of both the high ISO and the exposure time above 1/30s (after which noise cracks up in my sensor).

    djib @ 2011-07-12 08:31:05

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200 mm (300 mm)
1/25 sec – f/22
ISO 800
Flash: Not Fired

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