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Been there

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Hétier

Italy, Sicily Detail Landscape Seaside Story

Been there

So that's what I've done: walk from that beach to the top of the Stromboli (where you can see the sand cloud) and walk back down. It took roughly four hours to walk up and one to walk down.

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  • Idée très sympa

    Pierre @ 2010-11-25 20:01:58
  • Merci Pierre :D

    djib @ 2010-11-26 10:53:36
  • «When going down all the saints help.»
    That´s a portuguese saying.

    Remus @ 2010-11-27 13:00:44
  • Nice saying Remus.

    djib @ 2010-11-28 11:40:55

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11 mm (17 mm)
1/50 sec – f/22
ISO 200
Flash: Not Fired

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