Freebox thin client
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Search Freebox through MDNS
import time
import logging
from zeroconf import ServiceBrowser, Zeroconf
from . import api
class FbxMDNS():
Search for a freebox using MDNS
class MyListener:
Callback class to get information of the available MDNS service
def __init__(self):
self._info = None
def add_service(self, zeroconf, stype, name):
info = zeroconf.get_service_info(stype, name)
self._info = info
def svc_info(self):
return self._info
def __init__(self, timeout=1):
self.timeout = timeout
self.log = logging.getLogger("pyfbx.mdns")
def search(self, svc_name=api._DISC_MDNS_NAME, timeout=1):
self.log.debug("Searching with MDNS")
zeroconf = Zeroconf()
self._listener = FbxMDNS.MyListener()
browser = ServiceBrowser(zeroconf, svc_name, self._listener)
self.log.debug("Closing MDNS")
browser.cancel() # slow
zeroconf.close() # slow
if self.svc_info:
prop = self.svc_prop
base = "%sv%s" % (prop['api_base_url'], prop['api_version'][0])
if int(prop['https_available']):
return f"https://{prop['api_domain']}:{prop['https_port']}{base}"
return f"http://{prop['api_domain']}{base}"
def svc_info(self):
return self._listener.svc_info
def svc_prop(self):
return {k.decode(): v.decode()
for k, v in}