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  djib 94f65b3112 Add pipenv command to set up the environment 8 months ago
  djib a26ba38bdb Update README to reflect previous format change 8 months ago
  djib 785dd09f1e Change message format to improve readability 8 months ago
  djib 4989275968 Add city 1 year ago
  djib 72c7dfbe63 Improve documentation 2 years ago
  djib 12bcb92765 Update documentation 2 years ago
  djib 2d75e110b6 Fix pep8 errors 2 years ago
  djib 7da8720566 Fix crash when retrieving weather data 2 years ago
  djib 20f2586565 Add rain info on current day implements #2 2 years ago
  djib 910f87a2a1 Fix buggy fix for #3 2 years ago
  djib 4c026aa338 Refactor code 2 years ago
  djib b20f9b6cbc Skip wrong days in API result, fixes #3 2 years ago
  djib 9558df0887 Add an option to configure the number of days to display 2 years ago
  djib 4dd9bd5809 Improve rain display 2 years ago
  djib 30ffd3fbdd Change default log level 2 years ago
  djib 261724411c Add date localisation using config.json 2 years ago
  djib 3ad545ac81 Allow setting a config file from the command line 2 years ago
  djib 24fca750a3 Round temperature, fixes #1 2 years ago
  djib 3e799dcef7 Correct language parameter being ignored 2 years ago
  djib 902a1e5257 Add reference to Pipfile 2 years ago
  djib 795222fbbe Share initial script 2 years ago
  djib cce4c3c955 Initial commit 2 years ago