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  djib 7ff417b453 Changed management of config file, openbook and problems. 15 years ago
  djib f1e8cd0784 Version 1.0.4 15 years ago
  djib f9ff33b2b3 Version 1.0.3 15 years ago
  djib 9c4916fb1b Version 1.0.2 15 years ago
  djib 399985789e Version 1.0.1 15 years ago
  djib 8854c787f9 VERSION 1.0.0 15 years ago
  djib 1eee874d6b Version 0.9.4 15 years ago
  djib 7dc781c25e Version 0.9.2 15 years ago
  djib f67d82d129 Version 0.8.9 15 years ago
  djib a0ee66638d Version 0.8.0 15 years ago
  djib 8a641a6e1e Version 0.7.9 15 years ago
  djib b02755be4e Version 7.0 15 years ago
  djib 1b500b4421 Version 6.9 15 years ago
  djib 74206376a7 Version 0.5.6 15 years ago
  djib e9d5fe78a7 Before a big change in the code : different value for each piece 15 years ago
  djib 95deacff45 Version 5.2 15 years ago
  djib 4dc083acc1 Version 5.1 15 years ago
  djib feea4b103b Version 5.0 15 years ago
  djib 1a54cfd06f Quelques modifications mineures 15 years ago
  djib ed438e593a Version 1.4.2 15 years ago
  djib a3916eb445 End of game detection now works fine but has made the game a lot slower. 15 years ago
  djib 313cf91ef5 before big code modification (moving player color in Board) 15 years ago
  djib 213b1e3bf0 v0.4.1 15 years ago
  djib 5266b582bb Version 0.4 16 years ago
  djib 6cf9f27892 Version 0.3 beta 3: 16 years ago
  djib dbfd428710 A fully working version of the game. 16 years ago
  djib 42e56fde4f Rules now become static which makes apparently much more sense. 16 years ago
  djib 9167829467 Documentation generated. Some errors corrected in the code. 16 years ago
  djib 5a8d3829be Tag:Version 1.99 16 years ago