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Introduction and requirements

A R notebook to analyze your sleep and step data recorded by a Pebble watch

You need to be using Gadgetbridge with your Pebble to have access to your data. Health data is then stored in a SQLite database.


The easiest way to use this projet is to:

You will need to have R running on you PC as well as the package Tidyverse.
On a Debian machine, all you need to do is:

sudo apt install r-cran-tidyverse


A demo of the output is available here.

You can also download and open pebble_health_stats.html.

If you want to go further

This program only works with Pebble watches but is probably easy to adapt for a Mi Band, Amazfit, or any other watch compatible with Gadgetbridge.

You can also adapt the code to add new visualisations, or explore data (heart rate…).