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djib 8dca99ccc3 Improve input keys 1 month ago
djib d8d0818288 Add basic motor sound 1 month ago
djib 0c8ee59ac7 Update README to add Racing game 1 month ago
djib b4494a2fb8 Add a racing game 1 month ago
djib b0d6c8507f Refactor input code 5 months ago
djib c0982d080a Manage keypad display 5 months ago
djib 696263f562 Add basic implementation of game input 5 months ago
djib bcb7929e69 Add detection of short and long press on buttons 5 months ago
djib f5befe340f Update README.md with Maths Attacks 5 months ago
djib f40981f9f2 Add Maths Attacks, early implentation (only detects holding right key) 5 months ago
djib a552251cf9 Fix an issue where the player was not diplayed on death or win screen 1 year ago
djib 49e98f392e Make maximum pixel size 4 1 year ago
djib 1647c33d11 Fix bug with print scrolling the screen 1 year ago
djib 34ec629a28 Size of characters can be changed by player 1 year ago
djib db259d49b1 Size of characters can be changed in code 1 year ago
djib 89dd487c7b Adjusting speed 1 year ago
djib 76788b1c24 Improving game speed (better code) 1 year ago
djib 54d072abbc Prevent pyras from starting too close 1 year ago
djib 499f30bea6 Adding game states 1 year ago
djib d7c3ff8b7c Adding movement guides and better speed handling 1 year ago
djib b417a01c73 Adding varying speed 1 year ago
djib 864fd55280 Improving background 1 year ago
djib c0a7eb1ee2 Pyranas can now eat their fellow pyranas 1 year ago
djib 4fad2e4af3 Improving variable names 1 year ago
djib 2ce7908ce8 Adding basic pyra movement 1 year ago
djib a6c14b66a1 Initializing pyras 1 year ago
djib bc3341bc07 Limiting guy's movement within the screen 1 year ago
djib f68e790400 Cleaning code 1 year ago
djib 17abbd3492 Adding Pyras to README 1 year ago
djib efbd39382b Add a basic guy 1 year ago
djib e43fde31f3 Initial commit 1 year ago