56 Commits (10368df6f99e740dd032c39b444f5f5e03773f23)

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  djib 10368df6f9 Remove debug print statement 5 months ago
  djib 47c5c3380f Fix --exclude-directory argument 5 months ago
  djib c9eb733014 Changed Freebox discover method to work with VPN 10 months ago
  djib 56b35e358e Fix excluded directory not working 1 year ago
  djib 0ff1f73039 Fix excluded directory not working 1 year ago
  djib 0214112d7b Add the option to excluded movies available on local drive 1 year ago
  djib 4900c4649a Fix crash when TMDB API doesn't provide a release date 1 year ago
  djib 3476872925 Improve message when a movie is skipped 1 year ago
  djib 4cfef10989 Documentation for -e option 1 year ago
  djib 354f392c26 Add an option to manually filter channels 1 year ago
  djib 68b5f05928 Fix error when there is no release date 2 years ago
  djib d782762e32 Fix typo 2 years ago
  djib 857ce38b57 Changed verbose mode to log level INFO 2 years ago
  djib 7384c85567 Add movie release Year 2 years ago
  djib 18458d059f Add command line argument to increase log verbosity 2 years ago
  djib 0564ba6f75 Fix typos 2 years ago
  djib f8291526d2 Fix typos 2 years ago
  djib 8d7911f20c Update Readme since config.template.json is now in the release zip 2 years ago
  djib 04bc2d263c Make the program easier to use (auto configuration for the authentication token) 2 years ago
  djib 4965e64627 Fix bad key name in config.template.json 2 years ago
  djib e637100d79 Fix Freebox version 2 years ago
  djib 02d8908e29 Fix typo 2 years ago
  djib ebfebf403b Improve documentation following feedback from users 2 years ago
  djib 8e92b7ef5e Update config.template.json 2 years ago
  djib 3304636205 Speed improvement when creating Fbx object 2 years ago
  djib 72c68fde66 Further explain how running the program works 2 years ago
  djib b977e302ab Fix error in dotted lists 2 years ago
  djib b87f5aa796 Improve Readme 2 years ago
  djib 499da11c04 Add screenshot 2 years ago
  djib 5d3341d879 Added Pipenv 2 years ago
  djib 842bbd5853 Change log format for programmed movies 2 years ago
  djib 56cf5979f0 Fix margin (in seconds not minutes) 2 years ago
  djib bcac7bfc03 Minor comment changes 2 years ago
  djib 53b8ca8b1e Minor comment changes 2 years ago
  djib 23838437bc Exclude television films 2 years ago
  djib a12ffa58b0 Detect conflicts 2 years ago
  djib 965d3e6c09 Add margin before and after in settings 2 years ago
  djib eb1e3295c0 Program movies on Freebox 2 years ago
  djib 4cb1a26863 Update Todo 2 years ago
  djib 282b1f5de9 Merging automation 2 years ago
  djib c953b34ecb Finalize filtering unavailable channels 2 years ago
  djib a54bff144b Filter movies on available channels 2 years ago
  djib a82afa837b Fix incorrect template 2 years ago
  djib 30e251ac09 Fetch the list of available Channels from the Freebox API 2 years ago
  djib c20b24b53c Interactive movie selection 2 years ago
  djib 6587cb2457 Interactive movie selection 2 years ago
  djib fca1cb2c5a Filter for paid channels 2 years ago
  djib 9cf5792d07 Refactor: Better decoupling 2 years ago
  djib 1ff676b8a4 Code refactoring: separate scraper and movie objects 2 years ago
  djib 2555e568c9 Comply to Pep8 standard 2 years ago