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PICO-8 projects

Updated 2 months ago

Python 0 1

Checks available MAME Torrents on PleasureDome and updates the local versions if more recent versions are detected

Updated 3 months ago

A Python script to help you select the movies you want to record with your Freebox

Updated 7 months ago

Installers for Lutris

Updated 8 months ago

Vim script 0 0

Share some of my dotfiles across configurations

Updated 11 months ago

A simple Python script that sends OpenWeatherMap forecasts to a FreeMobile phone

Updated 1 year ago

Python 0 0

Python tools for various use cases

Updated 2 years ago

Java 0 0

Sushi is a Suicide Chess program written in Java

Updated 2 years ago

Python 0 0

Freebox thin client

Updated 2 years ago

Shell 0 0

Scripts for a Yunohost box

Updated 2 years ago

HTML 0 0

A basic guitar tablature editor written in JavaScript

Updated 2 years ago

A simple Ruby script to move JPEG from a directory to another creating a year/month/day structure

Updated 2 years ago

Ruby 0 0

A simple Ruby script to generate a CSV file from all JPEG EXIF data within a directory

Updated 2 years ago

A R notebook to analyze your sleep and step data recorded by a Pebble watch

Updated 2 years ago