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About djib's photoblog

About me

My name is Jean-Baptiste Hétier.

I got my first SLR camera in 2005, a Nikon D50 with a basic lens kit. I loved it and immediately started publishing a few pictures on various galleries. On April, 5th 2009, after a trip to Tanzania, I opened this photoblog with the strong intent of posting one picture a day and thus spend more time on one of my main hobbies.

It was a very interesting and rewarding experience: I have learnt a lot and improved quite a bit. Going back to the older pictures on this site is a lot of fun for me: I see a mix of pictures I really like, picture I would shoot or process very differently today, and pictures I just can't understand how I even liked them at some point!

On November 11th 2011, I had new projects and needed time, so after 949 pictures shared, I decided to stop posting daily. Nonetheless, I still post on this website, between once a week and once a month depending on how busy my weekends are :)

I am pleased to share my amateur work with you: your feedback has been an invaluable help to improve upon, so by all means not hesitate to leave comments, feedback or any advice.

Should you want to email me, please use contact{a}djib.fr

A picture of djib


I currently own a Nikon D800 though you will see lots of pictures taken with other bodies. I use the following lenses:


  • Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX (AF 11-16mm f2.8)
  • Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD
  • Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM


  • Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye
  • Nikkor AF 50mm/1.8
  • Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Aspherical IF
  • Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro

Even though I have some Sigma lenses that I am happy about, I have been extremely disappointed recently by their after-sales service after purchasing a Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM. I won't be buying from Sigma anymore and I advise you not to…


All tools I use are free software

My workflow includes

From time to time I also use


All the following links are sites that I check on a regular basis. They are sorted alphabetically as it was impossible to sort them by preference.

My favourite photographers

Tests and reviews

Learning photography

News and magazines

Final word

Photography is an amazing field! I'm learning new things every day, changing the way I see the world, and capturing emotions I want to remember. The journey is well worth it.

So once again don't hesitate to leave a comment on any picture: tell me how it makes you feel, tell me what you don't like, tell me what you would have done… or just say hello :) You don't need to be a pro photographer, any feedback helps!


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